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Things to do outdoors when staying in Snowdonia with Cadair View Lodge

Wales is a land of legends - there’s a story around almost every corner and Snowdonia is especially rich in these tales.  Some stories are true - some are maybe just myth but they’re all worth listening to.

Here are some places to visit to see our history and heritage and to hear the legends.  You need to decide which is true and which is just a tale.  

Take a look at the places here or call me for more suggestions or information.

Check back soon - lots more being added

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Visit Some Of Our Castles During Your Stay


A World Heritage Site.  One of Edward I's many castles built to "control" the Welsh.  The birth place of the first English Prince of Wales and the site of Prince Charles' investiture in 1969.  ** about 60 minutes drive **

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Castell y Bere

A native Welsh castle, probably begun by Pince Llywelyn ab Iorwerth around 1221.  The now remote castle once controlled an important route.

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Castell y Prysor

Very little is known about this local castle.  It may've been built by Llewelyn ab Iowerth but may be earlier.

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A World Heritage Site. Another of Edward I's many castles.  ** about 60 minutes drive **

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Another spectacular location and another Edward I castle.  Originally built by Llywelyn the Great.

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Spectacular location on the edge of Llanberis.  This is an early 13th century castle probably built by Llywelyn ab Iorwerth.  ** about 60 minutes drive **

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A craggy location, over looking an important mountain pass.  Built by Llywelyn Fawr in the early 13th century.

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A World Heritage site.  Harlech Castle sits onto of a near vertical cliff.  Apparently one of Edward I's cheapest castles - mere £8,190 when it was built.

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Tomen y Mur

Just outside of Trawsfynydd, this is one of the most complete Roman military sites in Britain.

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Many of these castles are managed by Cadw.  If you are looking to visit several during your stay then it maybe worth while buying an Explorer Pass - click for details.

If you are an English Heritage member you can enter Cadw sites at a reduced rate or even free.  See HERE

Visitor Centres

Yr Ysgwrn

The home of poet Hedd Wyn is just down the road from our log cabin accommodation.  The local shepherd, turned poet who was killed in World War I at the battle of Passchendaele.  He is famous for winning "The Black Chair" at the 1917 National Eisteddfod in Birkenhead.

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