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Real Life, Real People

Life sometimes gets messy. Stuff happens, and plans change. Sometimes that means holidays have to be rescheduled or cut short. But oh my goodness, have you ever tried to change an airline booking? Or a hotel stay booked online with a huge international travel company?

Finding their contact details is hard enough, as their websites are designed to discourage direct communication - unless it's with an AI chatbot, who sends you round and round in circles of FAQs and standard answers whilst politely ignoring the question you actually asked. And if you ever manage to find a phone number, you end up talking to someone in Helsinki or California who knows nothing about you or your holiday plans.

Yesterday evening a regular guest needed to change her plans. Stuff happens. A quick WhatsApp to Sue, who had just stepped off a plane but is rarely out of contact. A swift duck into my office in between clearing the dinner table and loading the dishwasher to change the booking. A little Messenger chat to confirm with the guest. All sorted and no dramas whatsoever.

Computer says no. But we say no problem.

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