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You could walk in Darwin's footsteps...

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

... without going to the Galapagos!

Did you know that Charles Darwin walked the Rhinogydd mountains (across the valley from us) in the August of 1831 just before setting out on his 5 year journey on HMS Beagle? He also looked at rock formations in Cwm Idwal, visited Ffestiniog, Barmouth and found a hippopotamus tooth in a cave near Denbigh. During his epic voyage Darwin made an entry in his journal that read

"I have never ceased to be thankful for that short tour in Wales".

I could be really corny now and say...

"you too could have a short tour of Wales whilst staying with us at Cadair View Lodge accommodation".

If you'd like to visit see or website at with views of the Rhinogydd from most locations ;-)

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