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Places To Stay Near To Yr Ysgwrn
Llety yn Agos at Yr Ysgwrn

Yr Ysgwrn, the home of the Hedd Wyn is just outside Trawsfynydd village in Snowdonia and very close to Cadair View Lodge accommodation. Our self catering log cabins are around 3 miles away and our self catering, group accommodation, Llys Ednowain, is in the middle of Trawsfynydd village about 1.5 miles away.

Spend Some Time In Hedd Wyn's Country
Aros Ychydig

Yr Ysgwrn is a step back in time.  It gives an insight into the rural life of Wales at the turn of the 20th Century.  It also allows visitors to reflect on the life that many rural men left behind when they went off to fight in the First World War and the culture shock that must have been for them.  Plus the hole that their loss left in the Community.   The house also gives an insight into Welsh culture and importance of the Welsh language. 

Why not immerse yourself further into the area that inspired Hedd Wyn's poetry, walk the land that he no doubt walked and be inspired yourself by the beauty of the surroundings.  Also hear the Welsh language being used in a community where it is still first language to so many.

Stay for 1 or more nights.

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