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Accommodation in Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve


Our guests regularly stand with their mouths’ wide open gazing at the night sky when they first arrive.  


If you live in the city all of the light pollution can make it difficult to see more than the brightest of the stars and the moon.  


Here at Cadair View Lodge in the Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve, the sky is often carpeted in stars (and that is no exaggeration) and it can be darker than you could imagine too (Sue lost her car in the dark once - ask her to tell you the story).

Have YOU ever seen the Milky Way?

Or a Shooting Star?

Or a sky full of shooting stars?

The International Space Station (ISS) pass by?

Or other satellites?

Or the Northern Lights "Aurora Borealis"(rare but it happens)?

Whether you dash out with a cup of hot chocolate on a frosty winter’s night for a quick look, bring a telescope and a hot water bottle or lie on our decks on a warm summer’s night, you will have a sight to remember.
If you'd like to face a particular direction to see a rare phenomena ask us for help choosing your cabin.

Best Cabins For Watching Night Sky

All of our log cabins benefit for dark skies.  We are in the middle of the Snowdonia (Eryri) Dark Sky Reserve and when the Reserve was launched Cadair View Lodge (and ONLY our log cabins on Trawsfynydd Holiday Village) were visited by the Reserve Team and our cabins (and only the cabins that we manage) were accreditted as part of the Dark Sky Reserve.

For those visiting to do more than wonder at the heavens above (e.g. night sky photographers, astronomers, etc.) in our opinion these cabins give the best view.  Most of our cabins have decks that face west (i.e. towards the Rhinogydd mountains).  An even better view of the night sky can be had a short walk / drive up the hill onto the moorland behind our accommodation - ask for details.  If you need more information please ask us.

We are NOT dark sky experts.  Directions are approximate.

We occasionally run Dark Sky Events where experts guide visitors through the night sky and bring a planetarium to explain the Welsh legends that are hidden in the night sky.  Join our mailing list to be kept informed.

Stars Above Rhinogydd Mountains.jpg

A view of the stars above the Rhinogydd mountains with the remains of the Rhiw Goch in the foreground by local photographer Keith O'Brien.  Most of our cabins have a similar view to this from their decks.  Ask us for more details.

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