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50+ Ways To Make Your Snowdonia Holiday More Affordable #5

Updated: Jul 21

An Evening Star Gazing

We know that very often it's not the price of accommodation that makes a holiday un-affordable but more what will be spent during the holiday. This is especially true when there are children who need entertaining or who are being tempted by ice creams, attractions and gift shops. In this series of blogs we look at ways to keep the spending down by suggesting things that will help keep what you spend to a reasonable level and things that can be done for FREE.


Did you know that our accommodation is in the Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve? This is a prestigious award given in recognition of us having truly dark skies. Snowdonia is one of only 12 International Dark Sky Reserves in the World AND Wales is the country with the highest percentage of its land with protected dark skies status in the World. So, like any other attraction you need to take a look. The best bit about THIS attraction is that it is FREE.

If you live somewhere where there is lots of light pollution then our dark sky can be mesmerising. The fabled "blue velvet cloth studded with diamonds". I've seen lots of our guests stand open mouthed when they've first seen the spectacle.

The time that the sky is at its darkest is a few days either side of a New Moon each month, but at other times there are still things that can be seen.

  • The Moon itself has lots of features that can be seen without using binoculars. At certain times of the month the "man in the moon" face can be seen (with a little imagination).

  • The Milky Way is most obvious during clear periods from mid-April to mid-July but it can be seen from February to September. It looks like a wispy ribbon of cloud.

  • There are regular meteor showers throughout the Year but an odd shooting star can be spotted (if you're lucky) at almost any time.

  • The International Space Station (ISS) makes regular appearances in our skies. Check out if it is likely to pass during your stay and make a note of the time. It is a quite obvious sight in a clear-ish sky but it doesn't hang about for long.

  • Satellites pass over us on a very regular basis. It used to be said to be every 15 minutes but is probably far more frequently now. Some have a steady white light and others flash because they are spinning in their orbit.

Then, of course, there are the planets to spot and the different constellations. It is sometimes possible to see the Northern Lights locally too (for this a clear northern view towards the horizon is needed - across Trawsfynydd Lake or on the coast potentially).

For more information about what to spot click HERE

Things to remember when planning an evenings star gazing

  • Get yourself comfortable. It'll take around 30 minutes in the dark before your eyes are accustomed to the dark and begin to see everything

  • It might be cold - wrap up warm, maybe take a blanket (not one of our duvets - please) and a warm drink

  • Check that the area is clear from obstacles that you might fall over before putting the lights off

  • Maybe download an app to your phone which will help you to identify what you're seeing

  • Maybe bring a torch with a red lens (a head torch or a bike light) in case you need to switch it on. The red light won't affect your night vision as much.

When is the sky at its darkest? Click HERE

Each January many schools take part in a star count where the number of stars that can be seen in the Orion constellation are recorded to measure light pollution in varying locations. This is a great activity at anytime that the constellation can be seen. (Download the activity pack HERE)

A word of warning... Watching for shooting stars and meteor showers is somewhat addictive. "I'll just wait 5 more minutes to see the next one". Be prepared!

Cadair View Lodge Accommodation in Snowdonia

We have been managing property in Snowdonia since 2003 so can honestly say that we have lots of experience.

We mostly manage log cabins on Trawsfynydd Holiday Village but we also manage group accommodation in Trawsfynydd village itself.

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