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Short and Sweet

Back in the years before we had children (BC) my hubby and I took a lot of short breaks. We did Prague, Barcelona, Edinburgh, York, Oxford, the Isle of Man. We found that 3 or 4 nights was just long enough to get a feel for our destination, see the main sights, and enjoy some nice meals and a few fun activities without blowing a month's salary. It was easier to co-ordinate a couple of days off work than to synchronise a week's leave, and usually we only needed hand luggage.

Now the kids are older the prospect of booking a summer holiday fills me with dread. Everything doubles in price during the school holidays, and most places only take bookings of a full week. There's a good reason for that, as peak season is when accommodation providers make the money that carries them through the lean months. And at Cadair View Lodge we've traditionally offered full weeks over the summer too. But this year we're mixing it up a bit.

I'm a statistician's daughter, and the Visit Wales 2023 Tourism Market Demand Report (all 105 pages of it!) awakened my inner stats nerd. Unsurprisingly "great value for money" is the top priority for inbound travellers, and short breaks are in demand all year round including the summer months. So we've opened up our summer calendar for stays of 2 nights or more, arriving any day of the week. Come when you can, stay as long as you want - and have a break without breaking the bank 💕

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