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Winston Wants To Be Our Pin-up!

Just received this lovely photo and message from Winston who stayed with us last week.

'Ello Sue

I is back at home now after mum & dad drove me yesterday.

I licked - i mean liked the cabin very much. It was cozy when we got back from a walk every day, and quiet so i could sleep lots and snore loudly without disturbing the doggy neighbours.

I 'ad to keep my hoomans on their lead when we went out coz there was lots of sheeps about. I got my own sheeps here at home called Eric and Shaun, and i is good near them, but mum gets excited and wants to hug them all so I had to keep her close and under control.

Also, I helped pull mum up the mountains coz I is strong and discovered I could walk much more than I fought i ever could. I finks my legs might be a likkle bit shorter now though.

I liked my 'oliday lots and I hopes that mum and dad let me come again coz I finks there was some smells in the doggy park that I didn't sniff proper enough. I send you a picture of me looking 'andsome on the bridge there in cases you want to stick me on your wall.

Fank you Sue

Love from Winston 🐾

We hope that you visit us again soon Winston. It seems that you're becoming a bit of a regular!
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