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What To Do If You Fall Ill With Covid-19 Symptoms During Your Stay

We sincerely hope that nobody has to use this procedure during their stay with us.

If you, or anybody in your party develop Covid-19 symptoms during your stay:

  1. Immediately contact Cadair View Lodge staff - we will need to put a deep clean protocol in place

  2. If you or somebody in your party are able to safely drive, return to your primary residence (i.e. home), self isolate and request a Covid-19 test.  Current Welsh Government guidelines state that you must self-isolate at home.  Do not use public transport.

  3. If you unable to safely drive home please discuss your situation with an appropriate health care professional and if necessary the local authority.  Our cabins are not a suitable location to self isolate.


Note that the same procedure applies if you are contacted during your stay by the Track and Trace team and told to self-isolate.

If you are unable to return home please note that you will incur the full cost of any stay in excess of what is booked.

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