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A Post Card From Snowdonia

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

It's so sad that due to Corvid-19 (aka Corona Virus) many people will not be able to come to Snowdonia - possibly for a whole year. People are stuck at home maybe with no green space to look out onto, just the depressing sight of 4 walls. So we've decided to send out social media "postcards" on a regular basis (daily if we can manage it) showing what is happening out here now. It might make people feel sadder that they can't get out but it might lift the spirits of some, help to motivate them to get through this and show them that there is some "normality" happening somewhere.

We'll be posting photos or videos on our social media platforms - mostly Facebook and Instagram with the hope that it brings a moment of joy into somebody's life.

We hope that everybody stays well and looks after each other.

We have our fingers crossed that this will soon be over.

Cofion Cynnes


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