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Are Your Legs Up To It?

Updated: Feb 5

Back in 2015 Cadair View Lodge provided the HQ for the Epic Brenin MTB Challenge. The challenge was to ride 3 mtb trail centre, approximately 90 miles with almost 4,000m of climbing in 10 hours or less.

The riders started by linking all of the trails in Coed y Brenin together into one ride THEN driving over to Penmachno and riding the trails there.

THEN... if that wasn't enough

RIDING to the Marin and completing that trail centre too!

Read the full plan HERE

Well they did it!

To my knowledge this Epic Challenge hasn't been recreated... certainly not from our accommodation. Who's up for giving it a go?

Could YOU beat 10 hours?

Get your mates together and get in training. See our accommodation 2 miles from Coed y Brenin HERE ... ride out straight from your cabin door!

I want to hear about attempts and times!

mtb challenge completed Epic Brenin Cadair View Lodge accommodation
Success! Epic Brenin MTB Challenge Completed

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