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The Beach? In Wales? In Winter?

We often suggest that our guests go to the coast (and onto the beach) during Winter stays.

Some people think that we're out of our minds.

This is a photo of me having a paddle on a sunny November day. The waves were very inviting and the sun was warm. OK I didn't stay in very long but long enough to quell the urge and I kept my jeans dry!

I was fascinated by the rainbows that formed as the wind blew the spray off the tops of the breaking waves.

Children love the beach at any time of year. A pair of wellies and a waterproof with a back-up set of clothes in the car just in case, make for a great day out (and tired

children!). Take a ball or take a kite and enjoy the space.

A brisk walk followed by a coffee or a hot chocolate (and CAKE!) would round off a memorable afternoon.

Did you know that dogs are allowed on all areas of our beaches from September until May (usually but check exact dates)? Most of our local beaches are huge and so there's lots of space for everybody... but you are likely to have the place to yourself.

Beaches to try:

  • Barmouth

  • Harlech (a bit of a walk across the sand dunes but a huge beach)

  • Black Rock Sands (drive on to the beach here)

There are many others too.

Are you a wild swimmer? Obviously the cold water isn't for everybody and precautions need to be taken before, during and after your swim but a bright day and a high tide make the water very tempting.

Who else will go in for a paddle during their stay this Winter? Remember to post your photos for me to see.

For information about our local beaches (within 30 minutes drive of our accommodation) CLICK THIS BUTTON

For information about Cadair View Lodge's log cabin accommodation in Snowdonia CLICK THIS BUTTON

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