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Will It Snow In Snowdonia At Christmas?

I've been asked that, lots of times over the years, from December and January guests. With the current challenges of climate change who knows!

What I can say from experience, is that we often get a sprinkling on the tops before Christmas and more later in the Winter.

Guests also ask whether they're likely to get snowed in? Some with a hopeful note in their voices!

The answer to that one is possibly but not for long and, if it happens then it'll probably be overnight, if it happens at all. There is a dip in the A470 between us and Coed y Brenin which tends to accumulate snow if it is very heavy and another dip in the road on the A4212 in Cwm Prysor which does the same. It's usually late at night when there isn't much traffic about that the snow ploughs can't keep up with the accumulation in which case the road would be closed until the morning.

Any snow that we do get tends to go very quickly. We're close to the coast and so slightly warmer than further inland. Over the years we've managed to get out and get some lovely photos... but we've had to be quick.

There have been more occasions when guests have been snowed in at home and not been able to get to us than us having to close due to snow.

Want to see snow in Snowdonia during your stay?

Of course we are talking about during the Winter. We have a few suggestions for drives and viewpoints where you'll get a good view if there is any snow about. ASK US!

For the best mountain weather forecast for Snowdonia click the button below.

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