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20 Most Romantic Places To Propose In Snowdonia (Eryri)

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Romantic places to propose in Wales

Are You Looking For A Romantic Place To Propose?

It's that time of the Year again when the shops are filled with hearts and flowers and we're encouraged to tell our loved ones how much they're loved... as if we don't do that for the rest of the Year. For some, you've been waiting for Valentines' Day (or maybe St Dwynwen's Day in Wales) to ask your "special somebody" whether they'll do you the honour of spending the rest of their lives with you i.e. proposing to them.

If you are looking to propose will it be a quick "down on one knee" after a night at the pub (I got that first time around) or is it something to be planned and the question "popped" in a romantic location or in a way that neither of you will ever forget? Does your other half have a "dream" of how they'll be proposed to? Or are you looking for marriage proposal ideas?

Here at Cadair View Lodge in Snowdonia we have been the venue (or the place to stay) for more than 200 proposals... that we know of!

It is a fantastic honour to be "in on the secret", to help to plan how it's going to take place AND to wait hear WHAT the outcome was. SPOILER ALERT We've never had somebody say NO!

Have YOU thought about what you'd like to do? It is for both of you after all. Have you got a ring already? Or do you need to go out the very next day to buy one (we've got lots of independent jewelers locally many of whom would be able to make a ring just for you. Do you want to be able to present your partner with a bouquet of flowers? Pop a bottle of bubbly? Have a cocktail made just for you? Be in a location where you can take a spectacular selfie or have somebody on hand to take a photo for you?

What time of the day are you going to propose? Sunrise? Sunset? Or doesn't it matter?

And what are you going to say? We'll leave that down to you but it's probably best to have something thought out.

Now we've got you thinking... so... here are our 20 local marriage proposal locations and ideas for you that can all happen during a stay with us at our romantic (warm and cosy) log cabins in Snowdonia (Eryri). CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE MORE ABOUT OUR ACCOMMODATION

1. Propose on the "Beach" at Bala Lake

If you're looking for a location with a stunning backdrop then this is one for you. Probably not a location for a busy Bank Holiday Monday but a sunset at another time would be ideal. Yes, it's a public car parking area BUT a short walk will get you away from others so that you can have a bit of peace and quiet. And Teggie, the "monster" who supposedly lives at the bottom of Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid) may even put in an appearance to wish you "pob lwc" for the future.

2. On The Deck At A Cadair View Lodge Log Cabin

Caban Eryri log cabin in Snowdonia

You wouldn't be the first and you probably wouldn't be the last. The decks at our cabins have been the venue for several marriage proposals. There have even been a few where the relaxation, the star light, the fairy lights (and maybe a bottle of wine) have resulted in spontaneous proposals... a surprise all round - but I believe, no regrets!

3. How About Proposing Underground?

Propose underground in Snowdonia

Are you both a bit adventurous? Then how about proposing by an underground lake during a Go Below Underground Adventures trip? With prior knowledge your guide could leave you and your partner alone, leading the rest of the group a little way away to give you some privacy... maybe with just a candle for light. A truly memorable setting. Needs a bit of advance planning but I'm sure that the Go Below Team would help.. Cadair View Lodge guests often get a discount on Go Below adventures. Codes sent out with booking confirmation.

Another underground location is The Deep Mine at Llechwedd Slate Caverns Also a magically lit underground lake! We've had guests propose here before and the Team at Llechwedd were very helpful in "pulling" this off. Speak to them in advance. If you love the location it used to be possible to get married by the Lake too.

4. Use The Magic of A Steam Railway Ride To Propose

Have your own "Brief Encounters" moment but with, hopefully, a happier ending. We have several steam railways in the area Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway, Talyllyn Railway (a must for Thomas, The Tank Engine fans), Bala Lake Railway, Fairbourne Railway and The Welsh Highland Heritage Railway Whether you choose to propose on a platform, an overhead bridge, on the footplate (probably needs to be pre-organised) or on the train (I know that Ffestiniog still have individual compartments for each party - since Covid) it'll be a memorable location.

5. In The Middle Of Barmouth Bridge

Another iconic location with scenery all around. Maybe park at Morfa Mawddach station and carry on across the Bridge for a celebratory meal, drink or ice cream in Barmouth before walking back as an engaged couple! Or do it by moonlight!

6. On The Bench At Barmouth Panorama Viewpoint

Places to propose near to Barmouth

This location we suggested for a couple several years back where the lady being proposed to had always dreamed about having the question popped at the top of a mountain at dawn. However the gentleman had chosen an icy weekend in January to pop the question and this was a bit of a compromise. They had the dawn breaking over Cadair Idris and the Mawddach Estuary laid out beneath them. Not too far from the car and a reasonably safe location.

7. On The Deck Outside Of Dylans Restaurant In Criccieth At Sunset

Propose at sunset on the beach

If ever there was a romantic location THIS IS IT (in my opinion). Book a table on the edge of the beach. Watch the light go down. The fairy lights come on. The restaurant light up and a fiery red sunset behind the Castle. Close enough to the Restaurant for the waiter to bring you champagne, oysters, cocktails or pizza but in a World of your own. Find out more about Dylan's restaurant in Criccieth HERE

8. The Viewpoint Or Grotto In Portmeirion Village

Near to the entrance but off the mail thoroughfare. The Grotto is below the viewpoint, covered in shells with little windows overlooking the view. The Viewpoint is a look out over the Rhinogydd mountains and the Dwyryd Estuary. Usually peaceful and quiet but, obviously on busier days you may be disturbed. Probably best not long after opening or just before closing time.

9. The Pagoda In The Woods At Portmeirion Village

Propose at a romantic location at Portmeirion

Not everybody takes time to explore the woods at Portmeirion, often people spend their time around the Village or on the front near the Hotel. But a walk in the woods can give a break from the crowds on a busy day. The Pagoda can often be an oasis of calm and might provide the ideal spot for you to say your special words.

10. On Top Of A Tower At Harlech Castle

A historic and imposing location for a memorable day. If you both have a head for heights THIS might be a good place to propose. Though if either of you gets vertigo then maybe not, neither of you should be distracted. Again a fantastic backdrop of Cardigan Bay, Llŷn Peninsula and possibly Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) too.

11. Before Going Down The Zipline At ZipWorld

Could you imagine asking at the top of the Zipline before you're both released? Or shouting the question across half way down? "Tell me at the bottom!". Or maybe like THIS gentleman you could do it at the bottom.

12. During A Llama Or Alpaca Walk

There are a couple of businesses now which allow participants to go for a walk with a llama or an alpaca. If your partner is a big fan of these animals it might be the ideal location / activity for your to propose during. Pre-plan with the business and they maybe able to supply a picnic for you to enjoy or for the animal to carry the ring or a bottle of bubbly and glasses. Speak to Black Rock Llamas or Snowdonia Alpacas

13. Propose At A Waterfall in Coed y Brenin

Another memorable, local spot are the waterfalls in Coed y Brenin (just down the road from our accommodation). A bit of a walk along a forest road, beside the river from the car parking spot (nothing very strenuous) will bring you to the waterfalls. Some people clamber down the bank to get closer to the falls but we're not advocating that (you don't want to be in plaster or worse for the wedding). After decent rainfall they're loud and spectacular. See how to get there HERE

14. On The Mountain Bike Trails In Coed y Brenin

If mountain biking is an activity that you're both passionate about then why not propose out on one of the trails? There are lots of quiet places in the forest. Some with spectacular views and others just picturesque. Just make sure that you put the ring somewhere safe - the number of our guests who've lost car keys whilst out riding you wouldn't believe!

Maybe choose a surprise proposal location

15. On The Beach At Sunset

Or at any time really. Maybe on a deserted beach during a wild and windy winter walk? Or skimming stones when the tide is in? Or in the surf? Or on a paddle board? Lots of our beaches are big and empty and nobody will mind if you jump around, dance or scream when they say Yes!

16. On A Mountain Top

Everybody immediately things of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon). That's great if you don't mind being surrounded by a crowd of people and having no privacy (OK you might choose a day or time when there isn't anybody up there). But if you'd like more privacy maybe choose somewhere a little less popular. How about Cader Idris? Still a popular mountain with well marked paths up, but a little less crowded. Or one of our other local mountains. Arenig Fawr? Diffwys? Cnicht? Make sure that you choose somewhere that is within the capability of both of you.

17. During A Dog Sled Ride For 2

Propose during a dog sled ride at a forest location

Yes, husky sled rides are available with Mynydd Sled Dog Rides. If you are your partner are dog lovers and like a bit of adventure then this could be the thing for you. With experience of several proposals already, the Team at Mynydd Sled Dogs can tailor the experience to your needs - take the dogs for a hike and propose, arrange a sled ride during which you propose and even arrange a proposal picnic for you and the dogs! If this appeals to you see more about them HERE

18. Propose Over A Special Cocktail

Propose over a special cocktail at Beechwood in Barmouth

Are cocktails your and your partner's thing? Then you might feel your most comfortable proposing quietly in the corner of a cocktail bar. Maybe check out the Beechwood Bar in Barmouth? Maybe pre-arrange with Dean at Beechwood to have your favourite cocktails ready for you on arrival or to suggest one based on your partner's favourite drink (the one pictured is, I believe, a Porn Star Martini!).

If you're looking for a bit of privacy then I'd maybe not suggest a busy Friday or Saturday evening. This venue has a lovely interior and I'm sure that you'd both enjoy the experience.

19. On The River Walk In Beddgelert

The river walk at Beddgelert is an easy, circular walk from the Village, down the Glaslyn river, across the footbridge (by the steam railway bridge) and back up the river. There are several wooden benches along the way and in the Summer it's very pleasant to sit on the grass next to the river. When the river is low, the more adventurous might like to venture further down the river, beyond the return footbridge, to sit on the rocks in the river (you can usually get out there without getting your feet wet - unless you want to). There are always places to sit quietly for a little while in order to say your special words.

20. And Our Last Suggestion Is Swallow Falls

These falls are on the A5 west of Betws y Coed - about 30 minutes drive from our accommodation. This is a paid for tourist attraction and can be busy during peak times. After rain the sight is spectacular and the trees surrounding the Falls in Autumn add to the charm of the location. Hopefully the noise from the water won't be too loud for your proposal to be heard but maybe the flash of a ring and a hopeful smile will be all that you need. A smile, a nod of assent and a kiss will do for a "YES"!

Propose at this location with the waterfall splashing behind you

We hope that you've enjoyed reading our suggestions and would LOVE to hear about where and how YOU proposed in Snowdonia (Eryri).
To find out more about Cadair View Lodge log cabins in Snowdonia (Eryri) click the button below. Hope to hear from you soon.

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