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Have YOU Ever Been Followed By A Moon Shadow?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Do you remember that Cat Stevens was followed by a Moon Shadow? Here's the song if you're not old enough to remember it

And Mike Oldfield sings about being carried away by a Moonlight Shadow HERE

If you live in a city you may never have experienced them.

I always think that moon shadows are magical things. In my head they shouldn't happen... It's night time? The sun isn't up? But I can see a shadow on the ground. I remember walking back from the Rhiw Goch Inn (when it was open!) and there being distinct shadows of the trees along the path and the full moon was bright in the sky.

I also remember Millennium night (31st December 1999) when the Rhinogydd mountains were lit up by a bright moon, frost twinkled all around and yes, there were moon shadows.

Can you remember experiencing them? Tell us about your "moon shadow" experience

A guest from a few weeks ago has sent us some photos from his stay in Haulfryn cabin. Although the mountains look like it is daylight, it's actually taken at full Moon (the white spots are probably camera "noise" rather than stars).

At the moment Haulfryn cabin (see details HERE) seems to be the most popular with our guests looking for a Dark Sky experience but other cabins are also a great choice. Caban Eryri (details HERE) looks in the same directions, has night sky books, charts and equipment (let us know if you need the equipment in advance please).

Our cabins (and Llys Ednowain) are accredited as part of the Snowdonia Dark Sky Reserve.

Need more information? Contact us HERE
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