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Calling All Daredevils!

Are you up for a challenge?

Do you like to feel the rush of adrenaline kicking in?

Is there somebody in your group of friends who eggs you all on to do more and more daring things? Who screams the loudest?

With Snowdonia now often called the UK's centre of adventure THIS is the place to come for your next activity break.

Adventure takes many forms and we have lots for visitors to do that is challenging but not too extreme... but if YOU like EXTREME, boy do we have activities for you!

Take a look at this article from a leading North Wales newspaper.

Which one would you try? Ziplining? Underground adventure? Surfing? White Water Rafting? There are many more things besides these.

Our accommodation in Trawsfynydd (log cabins and bunkhouse/hostel style) is your ideal base and many of these activity providers offer our guests a discount on their activities.

Take a look at the accommodation that we offer, the discounts our guests receive on activities and our location HERE

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