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Storm in a Teacup

After weeks of hot, dry weather we've had some spectacular thunderstorms in Eryri this week. I love standing on the doorstep watching the lightning and feeling the deep rumble of thunder - right up to the point when the power goes off and my three teenagers go into meltdown as the WiFi cuts out.

We're used to brief power cuts in this area when there is extreme weather. Most of our rural power and telephone infrastructure is carried on overhead cables, and some people say that the copper and gold that runs through the rocks around here attracts ground strikes when there's a lightning storm. Here at home we have an open fire, a log burner, a petrol generator, camping stove and a whole cupboard full of candles and fairy lights. We're used to it, and so are the power company; usually they have us back online before the first kettle of water has boiled on the camping stove. And living just a couple of miles away, I always pop over to the cabins to check our guests are ok - last Sunday night I was in my pyjamas but I think I got away with it and nobody noticed.

Last year I beefed up our "power cut pack" in Caban Eryri. A couple of USB rechargable head torches (which have a red light setting, perfect for stargazing as it doesn't impede your night vision) plus these nifty battery lightbulbs which can clip onto the ceiling light fittings, and a stash of tealights. When a big storm is on its way you should have time to fill a couple of our XL vacuum flasks, make a yourself a hot water bottle and snuggle up in a soft fleecy blanket until the cavalry arrives. We have shelves full of books, old fashioned jigsaws, giant Jenga and, if all else fails, a deck of cards.

We're always being told to take a digital detox; sometimes Mother Nature just gives us a little helping hand. Though I wish she'd explain that to my kids.

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