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Turning Over a New Leaf

The cabins are open for business again after the November closedown, and this month sees the welcome return of good old fashioned pen and paper guest books.

During the pandemic, like most hospitality providers, we tried to remove unnecessary touch points from the cabins. Our basket of welcome goodies became a sealed box. Surplus nicknacks and soft furnishings were packed away. Paper information files and guestbooks made way for online information and reviews.

All very well, but I'm one of those unapologetically old-school people who loves the weight and feel of a real book. Whilst many of my friends have embraced the convenience and minimalism of e-readers I stubbornly buy hard copies, and I've never lost the joy of opening a new book and losing myself in crisp, clean pages. My home is full of books on shelves, in boxes and in little piles around the house. I find it hard to part with books I've enjoyed, although many of them now find their way to the book exchange shelves in Caban Eryri (where there's a great story about a real life mystery involving a bestselling author...). I love popping in from time to time to see what new books have appeared and to replenish the shelves when books have gone off to a new home.

I also loved going to the cabin after a guest had left to see if they'd written anything in the guestbook. We had some wonderful feedback as well as little drawings and comments from kids, which were priceless. And some beautiful handwriting too.

Of course we welcome online feedback, but the thrill of opening an actual book is something really special. And so pen and paper guest books are back for those who like to use them.

You may have noticed my obsession with Welsh tapestry - I commissioned these little books from local small business Nila Ann Art as another little random act of Welshness in the cabins. I hope our guests this month enjoy turning over a new leaf as much as I have, and I can't wait to see what they write 💕

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