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We've Been Around A While... and can prove it!

Another in a series of blogs about why people looking for a holiday in Snowdonia (or just a Staycation) should choose to stay with Cadair View Lodge

With the advent of AirBnB, TripAdvisor, and others it's been easier for people who own a property to "have a go" at renting it out themselves. With this has come the scams and the disappointments. Guests arriving at a property to find it double booked, finding that the property that they've booked doesn't exist and then the problems with trying to recover their hard earned money.

Cadair View Lodge Ltd were established long before all of this began. The company began trading in Summer 2003 and incorporated (became a limited company) in 2007. You'll find our entry (and our history) at Companies House website HERE

We were the first accommodation provider on Trawsfynydd Holiday Village (including Trawsfynydd Holidays Ltd - now Pure Leisure) to take card payments or to take bank transfers for payments.

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Still Not Convinced That We're Real Google Us

Type Cadair View Lodge into your preferred search engine

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You'll find other people are talking about us and companies referring to us

Check Out Our Reviews From Guests

Or for more try these

TripAdvisor - there are no recent reviews as we don't solicit reviews from guests this way

Facebook - I'm not sure that "reviews" still work on Facebook but we have several already

If you'd like to speak to a real person, who runs a real business from a real office...

Call me 01978 759603

Write to me:

11 Bwlch y Fedwen



LL61 6LZ

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