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A Romantic Break 10 Years On

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

We have been known for many years as the location for romantic log cabin breaks. We have been the location of (or the accommodation surrounding) hundreds of marriage proposals. We have often been privileged to have been "let in on the secret" before the event and to have helped to plan many memorable proposals.

Given this it follows on that we have also been the location for many hundreds of honeymoons... some more "successful" than others. I remember a couple arriving the day after their wedding and the bride refusing to stay! What a way to begin married life, bride and groom having totally different ideas of what constituted a "romantic location". I wonder what happened to them?

But, of course, for most couples they see our accommodation as being a special place, somewhere with happy memories and many return time and time again and become part of the Cadair View Lodge "family".

I was contacted by one such couple recently. They spent their honeymoon with us. They haven't been back since but they hadn't forgotten us. Anyhow, it was great to hear from them. They've booked to return for their 10th Wedding anniversary and they're bringing their children with them. Another chapter in their lives and hopefully they'll make more great memories with their family and who knows they may become regular guests.

At the moment it's difficult for us to provide the menu of extras (flowers, champagne, chocolates, rose petal beds) that we used to be able to offer but we're still a great option for a romantic escape.

Remember that we're more than an online booking service - we are REAL people who can help guests plan small details for their stay.
Check out what we offer at
Or Call us on 01978 759603 (Office Hours Usually 9.30 - 6.30 Monday - Friday)
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