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"A Silver Chain Of Many Links"

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

That is how the song of the Skylark has been described. The sound to me is a true sound of Summer. I imagine lying on my back on the grass on a mountain side or in the sand dunes at the coast, listening to the seldom repeating song from an unseen bird.

Do you know the song of a Skylark?

Listen to it on the RSPB website HERE

Now do you recognise it?

The bird itself is pretty plain, a brown speckled colour and bigger than a sparrow but smaller than a starling. It's found either on the ground (where it builds is nest) or soaring high in the sky - it doesn't roost in a tree. It flies so high that they are difficult to spot but their song is loud and, once heard, unmistakable.

Listen out for it when walking outdoors in Snowdonia or when staying with us at Cadair View Lodge.

The Welsh name for Skylark is Ehedydd.

Look out for more Cadair View Lodge Ltd wildlife blogs.

I don't claim to be a wildlife expert and I'm happy to be corrected if I've made a mistake. I'm just trying to pass on a little knowledge which enhance a visit to our wonderful part of Wales.

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