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Another Guest's Fantasy Weekend in Snowdonia

Updated: Feb 5

During lock down when people were waiting to be "released" we asked them to dream of their fantasy weekend in Snowdonia. They keep arriving. Here's the latest from Lisa. Thanks for taking the time to write this Lisa.

Plan a fantasy weekend in a log cabin in Wales

With the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps many of us have had more time on our own, in our homes and feeling isolated, than we would have liked. And now it's been so many months of lock down I wonder to myself, would I want to go to Trawsfynydd to a place some people may deem "the middle of nowhere"?

My answer - absolutely! Snowdonia is a fantastic place to visit, to stay and to be part of. As a visitor I've always felt so welcome and embraced - no matter which pub or cafe I've been in or which walking trail I've found myself on.

Snowdonia and the warm and friendly people who live there are magical - my words don't do the place or its wonderful community justice. 

Snowdonia has everything! But for me, my fantasy weekend would be waking up in the cabin to the birds and squirrels bouncing along the roof. A lovely coffee and breakfast on the terrace over looking the mountains. Being set up for the day, I'd head out to walk Cadair Idris - waiting for the moment you can glimpse a one of a kind view. The sea on one side and the mountains on the other - just wow! 

Then having earned it I'd head into Dolgellau for a cider in one of its many pubs. Afterwards I'd head back to the cabin to cook dinner - perhaps a steak or a gluten free pizza! And then with the sun setting over the Rhinogs and with a glass of red wine in hand, I'd be pouring over my ordnance survey map to plan my next exploration of the magical, exciting and ever surprising - Snowdonia. 


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