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Are You a Fan of Game of Thrones?

If you are then you'll love our #TuesdayTrivia fact.

The scenes of the prequel to #GameOfThrones were filmed in Penrhyn Castle near Bangor in September and October 2018. The production team took over parts of the National Trust property and transformed it ready for the filming. Details from Wales Online HERE

Penrhyn Castle - Game of Thrones Location
Penrhyn Castle Game of Thrones Filming Location

If you fancy treading in the steps of your favourite actors then Penrhyn Castle is about 60 minutes drive away from our accommodation... just outside of Bangor. It is a National Trust property so remember your membership card if you're a member. The Castle is not really what it seems. It was built as a "holiday home" by the owners of Penrhyn Slate quarry (where ZipWorld Velocity is now). It was built in the early 1800s for George Hay Dawkins Pennant. The family made their enormous wealth from Slate, Slaves and Sugar!

Read more about Penrhyn Castle and its history HERE.

If you do visit the Castle, look for a very large mirror just outside of the room with the slate bed in... it's at the top of a flight of steps. Look CAREFULLY and you'll see a handprint on the mirror. Although it has been cleaned off many times this spooky handprint keeps re-appearing!!!

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