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Even On A Miserable Day It's Worth Going Out

If, during a stay, you get up in the morning and the day is wet and miserable it's worth getting ready and going out. You might only be able to drive around (ask us for routes) but there is usually something to see.

These photos and videos were taken on 27th December 2022. You can see how miserable a day it was. We drove up the Ogwen Valley on the "old road" (not the A5) to see the waterfalls which were spectacular.

These two are just at the side of the road and so we could watch them from the car. It had been so wet that there was water running everywhere.

This is a view across the valley towards the waterfalls that run under the A5 at Ogwen Cottage.

It's possible to get closer to this one but it would've been dangerous on this day. Always spectacular but safer when there's less water. You can see the water running down the mountainside too.

After this we carried on down the A5 to Betws y Coed for coffee and cake and a "mooch" around the shops (the rain had eased) before heading back. A nice round trip. If you'd like to know how to get to this road let us know. It is single track and narrow with big drops at the side of the road in places. Only attempt it if you are confident to reverse a distance if something comes the other way.

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