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Golden Arches

No, we're NOT talking about McDonald's but about the famous laburnum arch at Bodnant Gardens.

Looking up into the Laburnum Arch

At the end of each Spring there is always online speculation as to when the Bodnant laburnum arch will be at its best. It could be the last week of May or it could be the first couple of weeks of June.

This year (2023) we visited on 5th June just a few days after it was fully in flower and WOW until you've visited it yourself you won't believe how spectacular it is. Signs from the entrance direct you through high hedges so that it isn't revealed until you are there. There is an amazingly hushed reverence from visitors and people stop at the first sight in awe of the yellow tunnel.

Laburnum Arch

I could post photo after photo BUT, YOU really need to see it for yourself. As you can see it is about 100 yards long (and you can walk through it) and if you go when it is at its best, then you'll see that it is dense yellow.

Get there early, we were there for 9am, to avoid the crowds. There is a booking system to enter the gardens during the period that the Arch is in flower which means that visitors entering the gardens are controlled BUT it gets very busy.

What else can you see at Bodnant?

Although there is a "house" in the gardens it's not open to the public. There are lots of different areas to the gardens (my favourites are the Pin Mill and The Dell). There's even a Victorian mausoleum hidden away.

The Pin Mill + Canal Terrace

No matter what time of the Year that you visit there is always something to see. Daffodils in the Meadow or wildflowers later in the Year. The colours of the trees in the Autumn. The magnolias!

See their website for more details.

Allium skeletons

Dogs are welcome on selected days and times. Check the Bodnant Gardens website for more details.

The House across the formal gardens

The Old Mill glimpsed on the way down to The Dell

Of course, as with all National Trust properties, there are a selection of places to grab a coffee (or something more substantial) around the gardens.

Stepping Stones across The Dell (there's a proper bridge too)

The Boat House at The Far End
Goose + goslings at The Far End

Crossing the stepping stones in The Dell (there is a bridge too)

Bodnant Gardens is a National Trust property, so members remember to bring your cards with you to get in for FREE.

This is about 50 minutes drive from Cadair View Lodge accommodation. Drive down the A470 towards Llandudno - it's well signposted. They say that visitors spend around 2.5 - 3 hours there so the trip could be combined with a visit to Llandudno or to Betws y Coed.

Find out more about Cadair View Lodge accommodation by clicking the button below.

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