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Updated: Jun 8

"It's so peaceful here" - we hear it from guests all the time. Even when the holiday village is full, it's quiet and tranquil. No loud music, no traffic noise, no large crowds, no rowdy barbecues. Just bees, birds, the occasional aeroplane, the sound of far-off laughter, a dog barking with excitement on finding a stream to jump in.

This weekend I sat on the deck in the sunshine with a couple of our cabin owners and enjoyed a morning coffee. Even though I'm at the cabins every day I'm usually rushing around and rarely get the chance to sit and experience the tranquility myself. It was blissful, and I could feel myself relaxing physically and mentally to the point where I didn't want to leave.

We spend a lot of time advising our guests where to go, what to see and what to do. Here's a new one for you: do nothing. Nothing at all. Just sit on the deck with a coffee and breathe 💕

(photo credit: my 14y/o youngest)

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