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I Was There But Where Were You?

Well that's a bit of a silly question actually. Our log cabins are closed during November due to local planning restrictions but it means that this is the time of year when planned maintenance and upgrades happen.

I was up at the log cabins in Trawsfynydd today to see what was happening with one job and to make preparations for another which is starting next week.

It was a bit wild, wet and windy but standing on the deck at Ty Coed the view was still fantastic.

Check back to see the result of the work being done.

Ty Coed (this cabin) has just been booked for Christmas but is still available for New Year (as at 9th November 2018).

The cabins open again for guests from 1st December and are available right through until 31st October 2019.

Hope to see you in Snowdonia soon.

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