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Rupert Lived Here!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Rupert the Bear - his life in Snowdonia
Rupert the Bear logo from Wikipedia

Many of us hmmm... older folk have fond memories of Rupert the Bear. Before the cartoon on TV there were Annuals at Christmas, Adventure Books and of course the cartoon in Daily Express. But did you know that Alfred Bestall, one of the people who wrote and illustrated Rupert the Bear's adventures (1935 - 1974), lived in Beddgelert? It is said that if you look at his illustrations you will see that the backgrounds are inspired by his Snowdonia location.

If you are one of Rupert's devoted fans don your yellow trousers and red jumper, tie your favourite yellow scarf around your neck and explore the village and find the cottage where Bestall lived.

Beddgelert is about 25 minutes drive from Cadair View Lodge accommodation and you'll find lots to see around this scenic village. Including discovering the legend of Gelert himself.

Checkout Cadair View Lodge accommodation HERE

Discover more about Rupert the Bear and his heritage HERE


Beddgelert is a lovely place to visit. Scenic countryside, the legend of Gelert, the legend of Dinas Emrys, Merlin and the Red Dragon, steam trains and walks to suit everybody.

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