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The Ins and Outs of August

August is drawing to a close, and what a month it's been! Despite all my good intentions of blogging at least once a week, and posting on social media several times a day, I've been a bit overtaken by events. But I just have five minutes between my first and second cup of spoonmeltingly strong coffee for a random post.

I've always referred to August as "revolving door season", as we say goodbye to departing guests and quickly get the cabins ready to welcome new arrivals a few hours later. Our cleaners Jo and Dave do a remarkable job of getting the cabins looking shipshape by 3pm without fail, and Jo also has a knack of making them smell fabulous too (she definitely would have got an A* in Potions at Hogwarts).

It's been an unusual summer too, with more guests looking for short stays rather than full weeks and the vast majority booking at the last minute. Not a problem for us, as we have no set check-in day and guests can book as many nights as they please, but I'm making a mental note to check all the hinges on the cabin doors as they've never had so much use.

When I was growing up in Cardiff there was a fish and chip shop nearby that had 2 swing doors with huge 1960s signs on them saying 'In' and 'Out'. Nobody ever knew what the place was actually called, it was just referred to as The In and Out. They did the best fish for miles around too, and those doors did some very heavy lifting.

I reckon we would have given them a run for their money this August.

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