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Trawsfynydd Military Railway Station

Long since gone but Trawsfynydd village had 2 railway stations
Trawsfynydd civilian railway station

#TuesdayTrivia Did you know that Trawsfynydd had a seperate railway station for military use? The main civilian one is in the photograph. The Station was specially built for troop trains and allowed for equipment, artillery, horses and troops to be on and off loaded easily. It was on a seperate line so as to not disrupt the civilian service. The Station was built to service the nearby army camps (where the cabins now stand) and was used. More details using the link.…/Trawsfynydd_Camp_railway_station

The railway has long since left Trawsfynydd but there are lots of reminders of where it once ran. Check out any OS map and you'll see the cuttings, embankments and bridges. Drive up Cwm Prysor and you'll see where the line clung to the hillside high above the valley. And, of course, there is the spectacular Cwm Prysor Viaduct.


Come and discover more about the history of our area by visiting our accommodation in and around Trawsfynydd. See for more details #VisitWales #YearofDiscovery

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