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Which Would You Choose To Buy?

When you come to stay at Cadair View Lodge log cabins in Snowdonia

When we re-opened after the first lock down we decided that the safest way to give our guests their usual welcome pack was to seal it all into a box which would stand for (well over) 72 hours before the guests' arrival so that the contents would be as safe from Covid as we could make them. But this left us with a problem regarding the fresh items - bread, milk, dairy spread and CAKE! We wanted to give our guests these things but it would mean our clean team going to a local shop "at the last minute" to get these items so that they'd be fresh.

Our local shop, Siop Glyndwr in Trawsfynydd village came up with a great solution for us.

Instead of these items going through the hands of the shop, our clean team and then the guest, if we included a pre-paid voucher in our welcome pack then guests could go to the shop themselves to pick up their fresh items - cutting out at least one pair of hands!

This also solved another "problem". We hate waste but sometimes guests didn't want or like the items that we were providing. There are more and more vegan, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, etc. people. So by letting them choose the items from the shop that are right for them they were getting a little more value from their stay and we knew that we wouldn't be providing things that might not be used.

But we don't stipulate what guests use their voucher for!

Siop Glyndwr is small - but perfectly formed! They stock a great variety of items including locally produced food. Guests rave about the steak and ale pie from the butchers in Bala with they stock and Iwan also stocks a fantastic selection of gin (including Aber Falls gins which are made at Abergwyneryn, between Bangor and Conwy).

So... would you buy bread and milk or would you buy something else?

What else is in our Welcome Pack?

All guests will find a sealed, cardboard box in their cabin containing:
  • Their voucher for Siop Glyndwr

  • Coffee sticks

  • Tea bags

  • Sugar sachets

  • Washing-up liquid

  • Loo rolls

  • Kitchen roll

  • Washing-up sponge

  • Washing-up cloth

  • Bin bags

  • Loo cleaner (or bleach)

  • Hand washing soap (a couple of bars or liquid soap)

All of these items are exclusive to each set of guests so we ask that guests either take anything that is left home with them at the end of their stay OR put the box and any remaining contents in the bins on Site. Due to Covid restrictions we can't pass anything unused onto the next guests

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