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50+ Ways To Make Your Snowdonia Holiday More Affordable #20

In the words of Mary Poppins....

We know that very often it's not the price of accommodation that makes a holiday un-affordable but more what will be spent during the holiday. This is especially true when there are children who need entertaining or who are being tempted by ice creams, attractions and gift shops. In this series of blogs we look at ways to keep the spending down by suggesting things that will help keep what you spend to a reasonable level and things that can be done for FREE.

... Let's Go Fly A Kite!

When did you last fly a kite? Ever? Never? It's great fun and a great beach activity when it's maybe too cold for paddling or too windy for sit around.

There's a certain amount of skill involved, especially when flying a big or complicated kite, but a small kite with just one string is manageable by most with the right wind and a few instructions.

Want to see some spectacular kites? Barmouth have a Kite Festival every July (see HERE)

It might cost a bit more than "tuppence for paper and string" these days but could provide several days of fun. Maybe have a go at designing and building your own kites before you come. See this link from Countryfile magazine for details of how to do it. We'd love to see how you get on.


Cadair View Lodge Accommodation in Snowdonia

We have been managing property in Snowdonia since 2003 so can honestly say that we have lots of experience.

We mostly manage log cabins on Trawsfynydd Holiday Village but we also manage group accommodation in Trawsfynydd village itself.

Take a look at our log cabins in Snowdonia HERE

Click the corresponding name below to see more details about the property

Caban Antur Log Cabin

Caban Eryri Log Cabin

Dan yr Ser Log Cabin

Gwel y Cwm Log Cabin

Haulfryn Log Cabin

Ty Coed Log Cabin

Llys Ednowain Group Accommodation

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