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Cheapest Places To Buy Petrol in Southern Snowdonia

Updated: Mar 20

Make Your Stay More Affordable By Finding The Cheapest Places to Buy Petrol Locally

We know that very often it's not the price of accommodation that makes a holiday unaffordable but more what will be spent during the holiday. This is especially true when there are children who need entertaining or who are being tempted by ice creams, attractions and gift shops. In this series of blogs we look at ways to keep the spending down by suggesting things that will help keep what you spend to a reasonable level and things that can be done for FREE.


Places to buy petrol in Snowdonia

One of the biggest expenses when driving around on holiday is the price of fuel, it tends to be more expensive in rural areas - further from the refinery. We've put together a list of where we find to be the cheapest places to buy petrol + diesel in our area. They're probably not worth a special journey to to buy fuel BUT if you are passing anyway then it might be worth topping up. Remember that most service stations are NOT 24 hour and we can't guarantee that these places will be cheaper.

Criccieth - Gulf Parciau Filling Station

Penryndeudraeth - Esso

Porthmadog - Tesco

Trawsfynydd - Essar

Porthmadog - Essar (on Criccieth road)

N.B. Although there is an Asda in Pwllheli, they don't have a filling station. Going as far as Caernarfon? Then try Morrisons. Out in Bangor? Tesco or Asda are worth trying or the Texaco(?) near Curry's / TK Max.

Update 28/7/22
We're hearing from guests who've stayed during July that the price of fuel in Penrhyndeudrawth and Trawsfynydd is CHEAPER than they were paying at home.

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Cadair View Lodge Accommodation in Snowdonia

We have been managing property in Snowdonia since 2003 so can honestly say that we have lots of experience.

All of the log cabins that we manage are located on Trawsfynydd Holiday Village. We are a small, female owned, independent company managing properties on behalf of private owners.

Take a look at our log cabins in Eryri (Snowdonia) HERE

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