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Fun Day Out In Llwyngwril

Updated: Mar 20

Fun Day Out Exploring the Yarn Bombing in Llwyngwril - the Knitted Village!

We know that very often it's not the price of accommodation that makes a holiday un-affordable but more what will be spent during the holiday. This is especially true when there are children who need entertaining or who are being tempted by ice creams, attractions and gift shops. In this series of blogs we look at ways to keep the spending down by suggesting things that will help keep what you spend to a reasonable level and things that can be done for FREE.


Yarn bombing display in Llwyngwril

I, for one, love to see something different when I go on holiday. I love to be delighted or surprised by a new experience or a new sight. Unfortunately these things can often come at a hefty price. Here is an experience (and quite a sight) that comes for the price of a charity donation (and maybe a small fee for a guide) and makes a fun day out in Llwyngwril.

For several years now the little coastal village of Llwyngwril has been known as The Knitted Village as it is the venue for a village wide yarn bombing event each (barring Covid) Summer. The (usually secret) band of expert knitters agree on a theme and then cover the village in imaginative and skillfully created, knitted artworks. The displays that I've seen in the past are brightly coloured and in totally random places.

The local knitters are hard at work all year making sure that visitors have a fun day out in Llywngwril during the Summer. The displays will be in place from the late May (early June) Bank Holiday until some time in September. I've been told that in the past there has been a leaflet with details of the "trail" to take so that all of the pieces can be seen.

For added excitement for several years a large piece, a troll on the Village bridge, has been mysteriously kidnapped! Will something like that happen this year?

There are 2 car parks in the Village, one next to the toilets and the other opposite the Blue Chapel. A visit to Llwyngwril could be combined with a trip on the Cambrian Coast Rail Line as there is a station in the Village.

Llwyngwril is about 35 minutes drive from Cadair View Lodge accommodation

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Cadair View Lodge Accommodation in Snowdonia

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All of the log cabins that we manage are located on Trawsfynydd Holiday Village. We are a small, female owned, independent company managing properties on behalf of private owners.

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