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Save money on Go Below Underground Adventures

Updated: Mar 20

Stay with Cadair View Lodge to save money on Go Below

Go Below Underground Adventures Discount Code

We know that very often it's not the price of accommodation that makes a holiday un-affordable but more what will be spent during the holiday. This is especially true when there are children who need entertaining or who are being tempted by ice creams, attractions and gift shops. In this series of blogs we look at ways to keep the spending down by suggesting things that will help keep what you spend to a reasonable level and things that can be done for FREE.


Cadair View Lodge guests receive discounts at a number of activities. Here is the first one.

When spending money on activities during a holiday I'm sure that everybody wants to think that they've got good value for money. Examples of this are fairground rides that cost a fortune but are over in just a couple of minutes. Guests have always told us that Go Below Underground Adventures provide great value for money.

Their shortest adventure is around 5 hours long and this is time spent actively doing something, not standing in a line or just dangling on the end of a rope. Our guests rate the experience as being highly memorable and something that many of they would love to do again.

Go Below offer experiences for guests from 10 years upwards and varying fitness levels - the Extreme takes participants through the World's deepest underground zip line , the World's longest underground zip line and, in my opinion, the scariest places.

So, you ask, how will this make our stay more affordable?

Save money on Go Below Underground Adventures by staying with Cadair View Lodge!

Well, the owners at Go Below offer our guests a great discount (subject to party sizes and time of year). Saving money through the rest of your stay by doing cheaper (or free) activities in anticipation of spending what will be most of a day doing a REALLY memorable activity should make sense and the discount received will make the activity even more affordable!

Cadair View Lodge log cabin guests receive discount codes for several local activities after they've booked.

Cadair View Lodge Accommodation in Snowdonia

We have been managing property in Snowdonia since 2003 so can honestly say that we have lots of experience.

All of the log cabins that we manage are located on Trawsfynydd Holiday Village. We are a small, female owned, independent company managing properties on behalf of private owners.

Take a look at our log cabins in Snowdonia HERE

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