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Why Book Your Staycation With Cadair View Lodge?

I saw a survey the other day, from an accommodation owner trying to find out which platforms prospective guests use to book their holidays. The overwhelming majority said that they used AirBnB or (out of 130 votes 33 AirBnB and 49 The person asked for feedback as to why people chose them.

  • They're a big company

  • They're reliable

  • We've heard of them

  • They're trustworthy

  • They give a good price

  • It was easy

What struck me about these answers was that none of them are necessarily true.

They're a big company

Yes, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, VRBO and ARE big, well known companies but does that mean that they really give the best service? I believe that they pass you onto the owner to give the service. There have been many stories of how when something goes wrong these companies don't want to know and getting hold of somebody to talk to is almost impossible. Once they've had your money (and the commission that they take from the owner's fee) are they really interested?

They're reliable

Reliable in what way? They've never seen the properties that they advertise. They take the owner's word (and that of subsequent guests) that what is written in a property listing is true. They don't know what experience the property owner has of preparing a property to an adequate standard for guests and it's not until things have gone wrong (probably several times) before they are likely to step in to remove a listing (if they ever do - they're just not shown to as many prospective guests).

And if you do book a great place with lots of positive reviews, we are now hearing that holidays are being cancelled due to owners either deciding that they no longer want to run the property as a holiday let (costs are rising and legislation is being brought in) OR that the property has been sold and so is no longer available.

We've heard of them

They have a multi-million pound marketing budget! I should hope that you have.

They're trustworthy

But are they? There have been numerous reports in the media about guests turning up at properties that they think they've booked only to find that it was a scam and the property doesn't exist (or at least they haven't booked it). And then there is the most recent one were people are being directed off Facebook and other sites to what looks like an AirBnB listing (TripAdvisor too) only to find, after they've handed over their money that it's a fake page? Experts are struggling to spot that these pages are fake (when they know that they are) so somebody booking a holiday stands little chance.

They give a good price

For every booking made through the likes of AirBnB, TripAdvisor,, etc. the advertising site takes a hefty commission from YOU (the guest) AND from the owner (potentially 100s of £). That is why booking directly with an owner (where their contract with these "giants" allows) will almost certainly give you a better price AND the money that you pay will be going straight to the owner. Why do you think the likes of Travelodge and Premier Inn don't advertise their rooms with these big comparison sites.

It was easy

And AirBnB and their ilk are rubbing their hands together all of the way to the bank! Guests are being taken for a ride by many of what are known at OTAs (online travel agents). People short of time type in a destination and dates, then up pops a list of potential holidays. Choose a price. Click a button. Enter your card details. Your holiday is booked. ALL AT A PREMIUM!

So. WHY, book with Cadair View Lodge

We are interesting in YOU

At Cadair View Lodge we go out of our way to make sure that our guests have the best possible stay. Right from your first enquiry or from the moment that we send out your booking confirmation. We don't have a "1 size fits all" approach to your stay. Every guest is treated as an individual.

Our regular guests will confirm that we go out of our way to make every stay great.

At the moment when every £ in our pockets has to give the most that it can, we try to make sure that our stays are value for money and that includes offering discounts on activities to telling guests how they can occupy their children for free or listing offers from local shops and restaurants.


We are reliable

Unlike many AirBnB-ers who entered the holiday rental market recently, we have been managing log cabins at the same location since 2003. That's TWENTY YEARS in 2023! We've survived the financial crisis of 2007 - 2008. We carried on through COVID. And we did that by giving consistently great customer service and value.

Yes, sometimes our owners sell cabins. BUT, we ask them to give us 6 months notice that they are leaving us. This means that we can stop taking bookings, in what is usually, adequate time and it also means that we can give any guests affected by the change the option to choose a different cabin to stay in, or to have their deposit refunded an go somewhere else.

On the rare occasion that there is a problem with a cabin, we have a team close by who are on call and will work tirelessly to make things right so that holidays are not spoiled.

Our guests tell us that the cabins that they've booked are even better than they expected and that our customer service is second to none.

You can trust us!

You may be thinking "you say all of this but how do we know that YOU are a real company"? A company with a history leaves a trail.

Read about some of the ways that we can prove that we've been around for quite a while HERE
Check out our Facebook Page Transparency HERE
Check us out on Companies House HERE

Your money is safe with us as was proven during Covid when everybody who wanted the monty that they had paid returned had their money refunded IMMEDIATELY. There was none of this holding money towards a future stay or charging admin fees or telling guests to claim on their insurance or holding on to money or months and months.

We take payments through SagePay, and unless you want us to we never see your card or account details.

We give great value

Our prices are lower than many others offering log cabin accommodation at Trawsfynydd Holiday Village (we didn't hike our prices up after Covid). But, we are also more expensive than others (but check out what we include).

Our price includes:

  • your log cabin - obviously

  • bed linen on all beds booked (laundered by our local team)

  • all utilities - electricity, water (there is no gas)

  • unlimited WiFi in the cabins where it is available (see each listing)

  • a welcome pack (details HERE)

  • discount codes on several local activities (details HERE )

  • Facebook groups with information about where to eat, where to shop, what to do and where dogs are welcome

  • our own Team available for help if needed

  • good old fashioned, friendly customer service from enquiry to stay!

We also allow guests to arrive any day of the week and to stay from 1 night upwards (most of the year). We only ever charge for 7 nights if guests stay for 7 nights (no rounding up to a week). We also offer bargain mid-week breaks for most of the year. Check out the 5 night deals for Sunday arrivals. There isn't a "nightly rate" as such and the more nights booked the cheaper the "per night" price gets.

We make a small nightly charge for doggy guests (maximum of 2 per cabin) and in return we provide a doggy welcome pack.

Booking with us is easy

If you've decided that you would like to stay in Eryri (Snowdonia) take a look at our log cabins by clicking the button

Choose your cabins then click the button to book. You'll be taken through to the online booking site where you enter dates and number of guests to be shown what's available (it's always up to date). Enter your details then pay by card (you may have to do the one time password OTP verification with your bank as with any card payment). The booking system sends out an automated confirmation and we'll send out a personalised confirmation as soon after as we can. Arrival instructions are sent out when final balance is paid.

BUT, unlike AirBnB, etc. you can talk to us by phone, email, WhatsApp, Messenger at any point (before you pay) to ask questions and check that what we're offering is right for YOU!

We charge no booking fee and neither do we charge extra for cleaning
The price that you're quoted is the price that you pay!
Want to know more about who we are?
We hope to be welcoming you to stay soon

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