Can I Swim The Channel?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Our local pool has re-opened and I'm trying to get a few lengths in each week (socially distanced, numbers restricted, etc., etc.).

When I was ploughing up and down last week (well it's more of a genteel breast stroke) I wondered how many lengths I'd have to do to be the equivalent of swimming the English Channel. Well at the pool in Llangefni (a 25m pool) apparently it's 1352.

So I set myself the challenge!

I know that there are all-sorts of charity challenges out there that I could take part in but this is just a little challenge to myself. If for some reason I can't complete it (another lock-down, injury or Welsh class) then I can stand tall and say that I tried. If I get to complete it then I can put a poster up in my office to remind me that I did it.

I'm nowhere near a strong enough swimmer to do it for real and, although I love going into the sea I'm more likely to bob around than to swim any distance when I'm in.

So, 3 weeks in, I've swum 126 lengths - 3,150 m which is a mere 9.3% of the distance BUT that means that I'm 3,150 m "nearer to France". For those of you who work in "old money" that's just under 2 miles.

25 November Update

I'm still at it. There was a break when I couldn't get a "slot" and there was a break due to the Wales Firebreak but I'm back in the water. Last week I was disappointed to only record 38 lengths in the hour but this week I came back with vengeance and managed 54 lengths in 54 minutes (I slowed for the last 18 or so). But still not bad going.

9th December Update

After doing 56 lengths last week I got into the pool with great optimism. Unfortunately, I didn't manage 56 again this week. The water felt warm when I got in but as the hour went on I felt colder and colder (maybe the pool attendant thought it was too warm too and pumped cold in). I made a reasonable pace but not as good as last time. I suppose 50 isn't too bad a tally. See whether I can up it again next week. If I can do 50+ then I'll be 40% across.

I'll post my progress on here. I'd love to hear whether you think that I'm crazy or whether you've done it yourself.

18/8/20 40 lengths 40 lengths total 1000m 2.95%

25/8/20 40 lengths 80 lengths total 2000m 5.91%

1/9/20 46 lengths 126 lengths total 3150m 9.32%

8/9/20 50 lengths 176 lengths total 4400m 13.01%

18/9/20 50 lengths 226 lengths total 5650m 16.71%

14/10/20 44 lengths 270 lengths total 6750m 19.97%

11/11/20 42 lengths 312 lengths total 7800m 23.07%

18/11/20 38 lengths 350 lengths total 8750m 25.88%

25/11/20 54 lengths 404 lengths total 10,100m 29.88%

2/12/20 56 lengths 460 lengths total 11,500m 34.02%

9/12/20 50 lengths 510 lengths total 12,750m 37.72%

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