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One of Our More Unusual Requests

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The thing about booking to stay in accommodation managed by a small, independent business is that they are happy to take the time to talk with you to make sure that you have the best possible stay. They have local knowledge which will enhance your trip and they're able (and willing) to answer the most unusual questions.

Yesterday I had one of the more unusual questions that I've had for a while. Was it about activities? Places to eat? Directions? No... it was "where can I get a bra fitting locally?". That's a first for us! A bit of research and asking others and I was able to give the guest a choice of 4 places, all within an hour's drive. They will of course have to call the places today to see whether under social distance regulations bra fitting is allowed but at least they know where to start looking.

Do you think that AirBnB or would've done that? Maybe not!

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