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Exactly the same but different

One of my rainy day jobs yesterday was to update some online listings for the cabins. As they're all the same size and all in the same place, that should be easy enough. Just cut and paste the information from one to another right, they're all identical?

Except they're not.

Our cabins are all privately owned and we manage them on the owners' behalf. Each one has been furnished and decorated with love by someone who stays there themselves, and there's a little bit of the owners' personality in each one.

Take Haulfryn, one of our most popular cabins. Judith and Martin have filled it with quirky memorabilia and clever touches, like these cute little climbers who will hold your coat when you come in on a wet day. Martin is a skilled joiner and has made most of the furniture and bespoke kitchen units himself. The cabin may be compact but there's a lot packed in, with a place for everything and everything in its place.

A few yards down the path Caban Eryri has exactly the same layout but a completely different feel, with the living area extended into the veranda to make the biggest possible open plan living and dining space for family groups and their four-legged friends. And just next door Hedd Wyn is different again, with lots of warm romantic touches and an enormous deck for outdoor living.

Many of our regular guests have stayed in a few different cabins before settling on a favourite that suits them best, and we're always happy to help prospective bookers choose the cabin that's the best "fit" for them.

Because, like our cabins, our guests are all unique and delightfully different 💕

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