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A Cautionary Tale...

We keep telling people that, at the moment, they need to plan their trip in advance. Look at where they would like to eat and book a table.

Today, we found ourselves with not a lot to do and a busy week ahead of us.

We decided to go out for an on impulse lunch

Now we have a fair knowledge of the back roads and the less well traveled routes. We know the places that are likely to be busy and where to avoid so we set out at 10.30 to look for lunch.

Location 1 - a garden centre with a nice cafe

11.10am Sorry - we don't serve lunch on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Only cake and drinks.

Location 2 - a quieter wildlife centre with pancake kitchen

11.40am Have you made a booking? No? Sorry nothing until after 2pm. Don't you know that you have to book EVERYWHERE these days.

Location 3 - pub in a quaint but quiet village

12 noon Closed

Location 4 - pub in a busier village

12.15 Closed

Location 5 - Cafe with fishing lake and lodges on busy "A" road

12.45 Closed - only open Wednesday to Sunday

Location 6 - Pub with campsite just off busy "A" road

1pm Closed

Location 7 - Cafe attached to busy tourist activity

1.20pm Open - heaving with people. Only doing take away food, in styrofoam, which you can eat on a picnic bench in their field. We were starving and desperate for a drink at this point so ordered bacon and egg baps and a cup of tea. It was food is all that I'll say. The good thing was that we bumped into some friends there, that we hadn't seen for ages and had a nice chat.

Lesson learned... plan ahead and book ahead. Unfortunately "spontaneous" doesn't seem to work at the moment.

Planning your next Snowdonia trip and looking for information about where to eat? Follow our "Tasty Food in Snowdonia" group for information about pubs, cafes, restaurants and food shops in our area.

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